How to Plan a Perfect Wedding in Melbourne

Who doesn’t love a heart-warming backyard wedding? They’re money-savers and held at the kind of venue that really warms your heart. Everybody who attends will be sure to remember that special day. Your options are wide open in terms of how large or small, how quaint or fancy, or how casual or formal. You can let your parents be your wedding planners!




Travel Time and Expenses:


Traveling and reception expenses are held to a minimum because the ceremony and reception are in the same location. For the most part most families have their friends and relatives living fairly close. While it may still be far for some it usually works out well for most of your guests.


Quality Time:


Weddings held at home have a more intimate feeling. Most of your guests are already familiar with their surroundings. That puts them automatically at ease and the time spent together is more relaxed and intimate.


Family Bonding:


Families always have members who love to help out. Everybody can get involved in a backyard wedding. You don’t have to hire so many professionals. You can let your family and friends pitch in on nearly every aspect of the event. Let them take an active role in the decorating and planning. When they take a more active role in what goes on, it makes the event all the more memorable and dear to their hearts for years to come.


Let some of them help with part of your catering needs. They can save you money on how much you need from the wedding caterers you plan to hire. Catering for weddings can be expensive but with a backyard wedding it doesn’t have to be. At events like this your family and friends can help with finger food catering. Use mobile catering to set up some good party food and you’re on your way to a fun time.


Early Planning and Preparation:


For functions like this you can begin prepping the backyard well in advance. You can strategically plant new flowers and shrubs in plenty of time for them to spice up the ceremony. Be sure not to water the lawn too soon before everybody comes. The ground shouldn’t be too soggy when it’s under so much heavy foot traffic.




If you need to hire anything out (potted plants, tables, chairs, special plates or glasses, etc.) you have plenty of time. You can order it and set it up to be delivered the day before the event.


Nail Down The Delegating:


Since you’re involving family and friends in a more active role, go ahead and decide who will be doing what. Make sure everybody knows exactly what’s expected and give them plenty of time to get things done while working around their own family schedules.




Let the neighbors know of your plans. Ask the closest neighbors to refrain from running any loud machinery during the ceremony time. If they have one of those dogs that constantly barks, see if they can take them in just for that period of time. Invite them to come as well and offer them something (a gift of chocolate or something) for helping your keep your event a happy one.


The Wedding Cake:


This is something you don’t want to skimp on. Find a professional you trust to bake you a fantastic wedding cake. This is one area that needs to really shine. It should be just exactly what the bride and groom want.




This is another area that should never be skimped on. The money to hire a professional photographer for this special day is definitely money well spent. You want to capture every memorable moment you can. A good photographer will know how to capture not just the serious moments, but the unexpected ones that keep you laughing for years to come as well.

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