Five Innovative Ways Hospitality Businesses Are Using Video Content

When you work in the busy world of hospitality, it can be difficult to find the time to update your social media accounts with much more than pretty pictures of food.

However, if you’re not already using video content, you probably should be! Check out this infographic from Hubspot which points out that video in email can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate, as well as increasing conversion by 80% on a landing page!

The stats really add up, and if you get it right, the results from video content can be extraordinary!

Here are five examples of great ways in which businesses in the hospitality sector can utilize video content to their advantage,

1. Testimonial Interviews

Testimonial interviews are a great way to tap into the power of influencers and get some great brand advocacy.

While it’s great to get some big names to feature in your testimonials, it’s not crucial.

Local food bloggers can be a great way to get your business out in front of a new audience, or you could even just use some satisfied customers/clients!

Make sure to pick people who genuinely love your business so that their comments are real, and actually hold some weight, and be sure to keep things short and snappy too!

2. ‘Making Of’ Videos

One of the best ways to show off your products and services is with a behind the scenes ‘making of’ video.

Especially in the world of online, it’s important to give your potential customers as much insight as possible and help to familiarize them with your brand.

Show off how you craft one of your signature dishes and show off what you do to give it that extra touch!

3. Promote an Event

If you’re planning to hold an event, try to extend your reach beyond just the people who can attend in person by taking things online.

For example, you could livestream the event, or maybe even just create a highlights video, such as this example by Sound & Colour for Northern Restaurant & Bar.

This is a great way to get the event in front of as many people as possible, create a buzz of social engagement, and hopefully get more people involved with your next one!

4. Create a GIF

Sometimes, the hassle of filming and editing video can be a bit much, so why not try creating a GIF instead?

For an idea of how simple and easy recipe GIFs and can be, check out this post!

There are plenty of websites which allow you to make GIFs for free such as Giphy and

GIF are extremely popular at the moment and get great engagement, without having to put as much time and money in as proper videos.

5. ‘Thank You’ Videos

Video can also be a great way to show your clients and customers that you appreciate their custom and give a glimpse behind the scenes at your business.

Customers always like to have a ‘peek behind the curtain’, as it makes your business seem a lot more authentic and open, creating a nice bond between them and the business.

They can also help to convey the personality and passion of your staff, reinforcing to your customers that they’re going to get great service.

Snapchat and Instagram stories are a great way to create these short behind the scenes ‘thank you’s.

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