Can a Hotel Do Online Reputation Management with Guest Surveys Alone

The internet hauls a truckload of statistics to support the fact that guest surveys and real-time feedback tools are efficient ways to track a hotel’s standing on the web. But when it comes to a hotel online reputation management system, social media only perpetuates it. Building a brand name and a strong web presence requires strategies that are deeper and more indulgent.


Proactive Measures Hotels Take to Mitigate Online Reputation Damage Resulting from Bad Reviews


When a guest posts a negative review, hotels can try to mend the blotched reputation with proactive acknowledgements and retorts. Simply put, this is a type of damage control, but the process does not represent reputation management completely.


What does online reputation management for hotels involve?


By definition, it is the practice of shaping public perception of a hotel by influencing online information (reviews, posts, feedback and discussions) about the brand. In the same light, a recent study has revealed that reputation, recommendations and online reviews currently drive more bookings compared to other factors such as location or price. But data depicts that user reviews are generally deeply flawed.


The solution: Survey


Survey is one of the best ways to guide the respondent who can consider a wholesome experience. Focusing on only the best or worst one (or the one that stands out) is not an appropriate way of handling things. When it comes to social media sites, big data analytics studies have proved that guests who have had a bitter experience are more likely to post about it online, compared to guests who have had a good experience. In order to indulge the customers who have had satisfactory to excellent experiences, they should be encouraged to fill out feedback forms or surveys during the visit or immediately after the trip. Tapping them with fresh memories is the best way to capture genuine feedback that proves beneficial for the hotel brand. This can be a strenuous task when done manually.


How to do online reputation management without hassle?


The portfolio of tasks that can be listed under online customer engagement is huge. Especially in the hospitality industry, it spans through feedback capturing, survey form collection, intervention in discussion forums, tracking ratings, maintenance of the star status and social media engagement. All of this and much more beyond comprehension of the human mind can be automated with online reputation management services. These are smart tool with uncompromising features that help to capture, measure, and optimize the guest experience. Further, they bringing together every single online review and social media comments in a solo and unified view. These can be duly followed up to improve online reviews at a faster pace so that the turnaround time is maintained and hotel guests to tap the right chord in the prospective or past guest’s mind.


 So, how can an online reputation management tool help?


It not only helps to track unresolved problems for the hospitality teams to work on later, but also stops unpleasant experiences from having a dramatic impact on the overall ‘guest loyalty score’. After all, guests with a bad experience are thrice more likely to publicize it online. This is prevented by encouraging them to be more sugar coated while expressing their experience online.

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