Hospitality Net – What Your Hotel Needs to Know about Guest Intelligence 

“As a hotelier, you work hard to juggle multiple departments and concerns at any given moment. From reservations to check-ins, housekeeping, revenue management and the well being of guests, you are under a lot of pressure to ensure your property is performing at peak service levels. Maintaining a consistent focus on smooth hotel operations makes it even more difficult to identify where you fall short in pleasing guests. Herein lies the power of Guest Intelligence.”  according to RJ Friedlander

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Teessiders are reviewing McDonald’s – read what they think

Most people choose to use TripAdvisor to review ‘typical restaurants’, but some people are choosing to scrutinise the fast food chain

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Hospitality Net – Who Must Own Reputation Management in Any Hotel | By Babs S. Harrison

Be honest: the 900 pound gorilla in hotel booking has become TripAdvisor. In some hotels – not all – Yelp also plays
an important role in the success (or lack) of f&b.
And then there are the comments on Facebook and Twitter, the images posted to Instagram and Pinterest. All help
shape the hotel’s reputation.
Reputation is decisive in determining a hotel’s success in the marketplace.

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